We come across instructions and rules all the time, and most of them are designed to help us achieve a particular outcome. There are recipes which when followed to the letter give you this or that exact dish. There are instructions for fixing and assembling things. Manuals are excellent for getting a book shelf up and the TV fixed. Instructions to your desired destination are useful. There are rules of etiquette for social situations and patterns for knitting. There’s method to the madness.

Instructions, techniques, methods and rules are often specific to their discipline. So what if you were to use them for something else? In different situations, for different outcomes, or outcomes yet to be known? How could they be interpreted? What do they reveal? And where might they take us to?

How to… is a six-month project putting rules to the test. Experts from different areas will submit a set of instructions from their working life, something they use in order to do or make whatever they do or make as part of their occupation. Those instructions are then used by six creative participants to make something else, to interpret the rules however they wish, or to follow them just so.

Six experts, six participants, one set of instructions per month. All other rules have gone out the window.

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