Saara Salo, Chef   

Imperial Spice Cake
0.12kg butter
0.33kg icing sugar
0.075kg ale syrup
0.42kg plain flour
0.018kg bicarbonate of soda
0.006kg cake spice
0.2kg full fat milk
0.1kg Imperial stout
Whisk the butter and the sugar, add the dry ingredients, mix in the eggs, milk and stout in three parts, carefully. Bake at 175 degrees for approx. 30 minutes.

Common Sea Buckthorn Pannacotta
0.8kg whipping cream
0.125kg milk
0.925kg common sea buckthorn juice
0.725kg sugar
2 vanilla pods
10 gelatine leaves
Bring the cream, milk and vanilla pods to a boil. Let the mixture cool. Add the gelatine and the common sea buckthorn juice. Put into pots and let it set.

Cranberry Cake
0.6kg butter
0.6kg dark chocolate
0.88kg sugar
15 eggs
0.045kg potato flour
Frozen cranberries
Melt the butter and the chocolate. Add the eggs one by one, add the sugar and the potato flour. Put the frozen cranberries into silicon moulds and pipe the mixture on top. Bake at 100 degrees for one hour. Done when the surface hardens and cracks when shaken.

Raspberry Chocolate Ganache
0.06kg raspberry puree
0.1kg cream
0.03kg invert sugar
0.2kg chocolate
0.032kg soft butter
Heat the puree, cream and invert sugar to 60 degrees and pour on top of the chocolate. Mix in the soft butter using an immersion blender.


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